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Welcome to the Enviroswim Pool School

Welcome to Enviroswim. We assume you are here due to an issue with your pool or you simply want to learn more about the looking after an Enviroswim pool. Enviroswim is extremely inexpensive to operate and is easy to maintain with minimum intervention or addition of chemicals but like any system it does require a few checks and balances.

If you use a pool company or shop to service your pool please make sure they read this. Many issues result from industry "experts" making false assumptions and adding unnecessary chemicals to the pool or running incorrect copper levels because they have not bothered to read our manuals and guides. Unfortunately there is also a very small minority that also just want to up sell you chemicals that you don’t require which can cause issues with the system. Check you are not being charged for stabiliser, salt, algaecide, shock treatment, clarifier or flocculents.

To avoid unnecessary expense and overdosing it is essential to have a good quality pH & alkalinity test kit and to only use the supplied copper test kit. If you don’t already have a pH kit we recommend the first thing you do is purchase a reagent based 4 in 1 test kit which can be obtained from pool shops or hardware outlets like Bunnings & Masters. The 4 in 1 kit when used in conjunction with the supplied Enviroswim copper test kit is all you require to conduct regular water balance checks. The kits are so simple to use and will take only a few minutes of your time to do at the poolside. The only consumables you may need to adjust/correct the pH balance are pool acid and sodium bicarbonate which are both available from the above suppliers. For the other more spasmodic tests required to check calcium & total dissolved solid (TDS) levels you may be better using your local pool shop or service company. Please remember to make sure all your levels are correct and balanced before contacting our technicians regarding a suspected Enviroswim fault. For help with water balance or to resolve an issue please read the relevant section in the knowledgebase link on this site.

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