What does NSF 50 and UL certification mean?


To gain NSF 50 certification the Enviroswim system had to pass a series of test including:

  • Microbiological Efficacy -  proven to meet required standards as a sanitising system for pools and spas.
  • Longevity Test – continuous running for 8000 hrs at an ambient temp of 40 degrees C without fault.
  • Uniformity of output – system demonstrated reliable reproducibility of output over test period.
  • Pool surface staining potential – no staining of pool surface during test period.
  • UV and freeze test – components meet UV and freeze test requirements.
  • Chemical resistance text – components meet chemical exposure requirements.
  • Manuals and Test Kits – meet readability and accuracy standard.
  • UL tests – meet stringent tests for electrical safety of all components.
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