Green Pool


If the pool water is going green or algae is growing on the surface it will usually be as a result of one of the following.

  • Poor water balance (see water balance section)
  • Insufficient daily run time for the conditions.
  • Power outage
  • Multi speed eco pump running on a speed setting to low for the conditions causing poor circulation and filtration. For our view on the issues of using multi speed pumps read the following blog here 
  • Fault with pump or Enviroswim system


How to recover a green pool quickly?

Following example is based on a 50,000 litre pool, unable to see the bottom of the pool.

  1. Make sure the filter is clean & pump running correctly.
  2. Add 4 litres of pool acid at the farthest point away from the skimmer box, while the pump is running.
  3. Half an hour after adding the pool acid add 20 litres of liquid chlorine. (must be liquid chlorine)
  4. Run pump for 24 hours after which time the water should be clear.
  5. After pool water has cleared, clean the filter and balance pool as detailed in the operating manual.

For larger or smaller pool volumes adjust chlorine and acid dosage accordingly. 

Remember, once the pool is clear you have not solved the issue that caused the green pool. You will need to check that the operating parameters are correct and determine if there are any other issues with the equipment or water balance.


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