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There are only a few differences when testing an Enviroswim Pool compared to any other pool system. The pH, alkalinity & calcium hardness levels are the same as industry recommendations for any pool system, however we do recommend keeping at the lower end of the pH scale 7.2 is ideal.


Stabalise (cyanuric acid)


High salt concentrations

Granular chlorine


or any other chemicals.


Always keep pH & Copper levels on the low side. pH 7.1 – 7.5. Copper 0.2 – 0.4

Check copper level regularly to start with to avoid possible overdosing. 

Once the customer is confident with the final running set point of the ioniser knob the copper only needs to be checked every 2 – 4 weeks.

Check pH weekly. Running the pH nearer 7.0 than 8.0 will improve all facets of pool control including sanitation, scaling, & potential staining

See the health department table further down this document.


Summary of recommended operating levels:

pH: 7.0 - 7.5  (Ideal 7.2) avoid operating pH above 7.5 for prolonged periods

Calcium Hardness: 175 - 250 ppm  (ideal 200ppm)

Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) or conductivity 1000 - 1200PPM   (its not a salt system)

Alkalinity: 80 - 130 ppm 

Copper level: 0.2 - 0.4 ppm Ideal 0.3 ppm (its not a pool ioniser)

Chlorine equivalent  0.3 - 0.5 ppm (using a dpd test to read the redox from chlorine scale)

Average daily recommended run time is 1hr per 10,000 litres of pool volume (based on a standerd speed pool pump) i.e 50,000 litre pool = 5hrs/day runtime in summer less in winter depending on average residential pool bather load & environmental condition i.e. dust & organic matter


Copper testing

For accurate testing make sure the pool pH levels has remained below 7.5 for 8 hours prior to conducting a copper test to ensure an accurate reading then make any required adjustment to the ioniser output control knob to raise or lower copper production. Once the setting point is found for a pool it usually only requires seasonal adjustments. AnIoniser output chart can be found at the end of this page.

Tip: if a copper test is taken when the pH is high it will result in a false reading (lower than actual level), which may allow the copper levels to become higher than required.

Tip: Running a high pH can also cause scaling & staining on the pool surface and make the water uncomfortable to swim in.

IMPORTANT. All sanitisers including Enviroswim become ineffective as the pH rises. The following extract from NSW Health Dept shows how quickly Chlorine loses its effectiveness as the pH rises. Enviroswims oxidiser, copper & silver also lose their sanitising effectiveness as the pH rises.

The disinfectant power of Free Chlorine is relative to the pH of the water. As pH increases, the chlorine becomes less effective.  As pH decreases, the chlorine becomes more effective.

pH Effectiveness of Free Chlorine

6.0 97%

7.0 75%

7.2 63%

7.5 49%

7.6 39%

7.8 28%

8.0 3%

Source: NSW Health Advisory Dec 2012

Tip: the closer the pH is to neutral the more effective the system becomes and the more comfortable the water is for bathers. To avoid corrosion the pH should not be allowed to operate below 7.0 (acidic) for extended periods. 

Copper levels will continue to increase if the ioniser output knob and daily run times are set to high for the pool size & conditions. Check copper level regularly and make adjustments paying particular attention to seasonal changes. It is possible that the ioniser part of the system can be turned off for several months during winter if the water is cold with no bather load.  Unlike most pool chemicals copper & silver do not evaporate therefore the residual level of copper will not deplete if there is no demand on the pool.  As long as the recommended residual level of copper is in the water the Enviroswim will perform 100% with the ioniser turned off using just the oxidiser and ultrasonics.

Ioniser Output Settings Post Nov 2014 model

Ioniser knob Position

1.(ioniser knob fully anticlockwise) off

2. produces copper 2% of the running time.

3 .produces copper 3% of the running time.

4. produces copper 7% of the running  time.

5. produces copper 10% of the running  time.

6. produces copper 13% of the running  time.

7. produces copper 17% of the running  time.

8. produces copper 20% of the running  time.

9. produces copper 23% of the running  time.

10. produces copper 37% of the running  time.

11. produces copper 50% of the running  time.

12. produces copper 100% of the running  time.

Note: Positions 11 & 12 are mainly used to build the copper levels following initial filling with pool water when copper levels are very low or following heavy dilution from rainfall or floods.  Use these setting with care to avoid overdosing and unnecessary wear of electrode. 

If the copper is accidentally overdosed the ioniser output can be turned off for weeks or even months until the level drops to the recommended operating level. The system will continue to perform 100% using just the ultrasonics & oxidiser.

The daily copper output is influenced in two ways.

1.The daily run hours of the enviroswim system

2.The set position of the ioniser knob.

Increasing either one of the above will increase copper production and decreasing will reduce copper production.


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