Oxidiser display will not read "15" when knob is set to maximum.


The  most common cause for this is low conductivity/total dissolved solid levels (TDS) of the pool water caused by dilution from heavy rainfall, a pool leak or excessive backwashing of sand filters. If the TDS is within operating parameters the cell plates could be worn, scaled or damaged.


1.If the TDS is low increase the conductivity of the pool water by adding some pool salt. Enviroswim is not a salt pool and only requires a tiny amount of salt to raise the water conductivity. refer to manual

2. If the TDS is within operating guidelines clean scaled cell plates

3. If neither of the above fixes the issue replace worn/damaged cell plates

Note: Scale build up is normally associated with pH operating at higher levels than recommended. If scale is allowed to accumulate on the oxidiser plates it will eventually cause damage and can cause plates to disintegrate. This will void any warranty on the oxidiser plates.

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