Pool Water Dull or Cloudy


If the pool is looking a little cloudy there are a few things to check.

  • Is the pool system running long enough each day for the conditions? i.e. high bather loads &/or temperatures may require longer daily run times.
  • Is the water balanced? High pH results in poor efficiency of the pool  oxidiser, sanitiser & algaecides.
  • Is the oxidiser set to "15" on the display? The oxidiser is responsible for providing sparkling water clarity. 
  • Is the pool using a variable speed pump. The industry recommended guidelines say that the total pool water volume should be pumped through the filter 1 - 2 times daily. If you use a variable speed pump on a low flow settings you will need to increase the daily run time to componsate and achieve the required turnover, YES! We always recommend you run the pump on the highest flow rate for the shortest period. For more read the following link on variable speed pumps: www.enviroswim.com/waterblog/enviroswim-asks-variable-speed-pumps-will-they-save-you-money
  • Has the pool been checked for "Phosphates"? Phosphates can enter the pool via rainfall, water tanks, animal droppings and fertilisers, they create an extra demand on any pool system and encourage algae growth. Pool shops & major hardware stores sell phosphate removers.
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