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What is the Enviroswim ES3?

The Enviroswim ES-3 is a revolutionary breakthrough in swimming pool technology that sanitises water without adding chemicals, except for pH balancing requirements. Using a powerful combination of...

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Is it a new technology?

Yes, the ES3 system is a world leader with patents granted or pending in Australia, USA, Europe and Asia. In tests run in Australia and the USA, the ES3 has been proven to be far more effective in eli...

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How safe is the water when I use the ES3?

Perfectly safe. In May 2009 the ES3 system was granted NSF 50 certification in the USA. NSF certification is only granted to products that pass stringent tests, which include reliability, microbiologi...

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Does EnviroSwim come with a warranty?

Yes. The ES3 has a 2 Year warranty.

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What consumable items do I need?

The ES3′s only consumables are the metal electrodes, which need to be replaced on average once every eighteen to twentyfour months. You can order them directly from the Enviroswim web site.

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Do I need to test for the silver-ion level?

Whenever the Copper-ion level is correct, the Silver-ion level will be in range also. The electrodes are an alloy mix of Copper and Silver, so the right proportions are always being released at the sa...

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Why should I say no to chlorine?

The growing list of serious health issues associated with exposure to chlorinated water is now overwhelming. The danger comes from chemical by-products in chlorinated water known as trihalomethanes, o...

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Why should I choose an ES3 over other systems?

Because it is far more effective than chlorine or salt chlorinators and gives you a wonderful fresh water feel in your pool. If you don’t believe it, look at what the people using the system hav...

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What does NSF 50 and UL certification mean?

To gain NSF 50 certification the Enviroswim system had to pass a series of test including: Microbiological Efficacy -  proven to meet required standards as a sanitising system for pools an...

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Is the copper used in Enviroswim harmful to my health or the environment?

No, copper is an essential element, necessary in various proteins and enzymes. Balance studies on adults suggest an essential daily intake of 1-5 mg. The copper level at which the Enviroswim system op...

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Is the Enviroswim ES3 System 100% chlorine Free?

Chlorides in pool water will produce some chlorine through the process of electrolysis while passing through the Enviroswim treatment cell. To minimise this reaction, Enviroswim uses freshwater that i...

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Can the Enviroswim System be used in commercial swimming pools?

Yes, the EnviroSwim System is used in some of the world’s most innovative and eco-friendly spas and resorts in the world. See it in action >

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What's the difference between the ES3 and a saltwater chlorinator?

All the difference in the world. The salt chlorinator, while often marketed as a better alternative to chlorine, actually creates chlorine to sanitise the pool. Find out more on our blog >

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Will using copper and silver stain my pool?

Only at levels in excess of 1ppm or running a prolonged high pH level. The ES3 system operates at 0.25-0.4ppm. If the system is unattended for some time (more than a month) and not set appropriately y...

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Why does my pool builder not recommend Enviroswim?

The swimming pool industry, like many industries, is resistant to change. Vested interests and a traditional mindset mean that outdated technologies and products dominate the market. Pool builders...

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Can the ES3 be retro-fitted to my existing system?

Yes. Our system can be easily retrofitted to existing pools. We do not need to replace your pump/filter etc. A comprehensive installation guide is available which will enable you to do the installatio...

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How much does the ES3 cost?

For more information on pricing and costs, please visit the ES3 product page on the Enviroswim website.

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Why pay more for Enviroswim?

While the initial outlay may be greater than older and less effective systems, Enviroswim starts to pay for itself from the moment you turn it on. You save money on chemicals, on electricity, on c...

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So how long does it take to pay for itself?

It’s impossible to give you a precise answer as every pool is different. It depends on the size of the pool, the climate, the number of bathers etc. Feedback and research has shown that savings ...

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